STEP Anywhere 2020 FAQs

For Startups

What is the Startup Basecamp?
Over 200 startups will be showcasing online at STEP Anywhere 2020 across the 3 days of the online event to reveal the latest technologies in their products and services.  Showcasing startups will get a chance to meet virtually with global  investors and VCs, gather leads, and potentially find their next partner.
What is included in the startup package?
The $99 Startup Package includes:
  • 2 All-Access Pass tickets, with access to everything at STEP Anywhere 2020 including all of our 6 tracks, attend talks and panels from international speakers, entertainment and happenings
  • Branded virtual booth at STEP Startup Basecamp for 3 conference days, where you will be able to chat with people, add a video to promote your business and get a clickable link that redirects to any page that you like (your website, social media channels..)
  • Access to online workshops and one-on-one mentorship sessions through the Mentor’s Corner program
  • Access to view attendee profiles where you will be able to connect with them directly, exchange contact information and even have a video call!
  • Access to curated Investor meetings online with top VCs, Angel Investors, Family Offices, etc. including 500 Startups, MSA Capital, ASA Ventures, Class 5 Global, Wamda Capital, Nuwa Capital, Mubadala Ventures and more!
  • Opportunity to participate in STEP online Pitch Competition.
What are the criteria to be shortlisted for the showcase?
  • Your startup must be at least 1 year old
  • You must have an existing product
  • Your startup must be related to digital, technology or innovation
What will be provided at the branded virtual booth?
-A clickable link that redirects to any page that you like (your website, social media channels..) -A chat box where you will be able to meet potential clients, partners, investors tell them more about your business and exchange contacts. -A video to promote your product/service.
Will I need to take care of branding the Virtual Booth?
The virtual booth will have your startups logo, your funding stage, your industry and the country where your startup is based. We collect your logo and a short description from the application form that you have submitted on our website here. It is optional to send us a video that we can add to your booth to promote your business.
What is the STEP Anywhere Pitch Competition?
The STEP Anywhere online Pitch Competition provides a select number of competitive startups a chance to pitch to a panel of judges and an enthusiastic audience. The competition winner will benefit from exclusive prizes from participating partners. Pitch Competition participants will be selected from the pool of the Startup Basecamp (so you need to be a showcasing startup to be eligible to participate). The selection of the participants is at the discretion of the STEP Team.
How do i apply to be a part of the startup basecamp and showcase?
You can apply to showcase here. Once you submit your application, the startup team will review your application. Shortlisted startups will be contacted within two weeks of submitting the application. You will then receive the promocode to purchase your startup package through our ticketing platform.
How do I sign up for the 1on1 meetings and workshops?
Logistics and sign up details for STEP Anywhere programs will be announced soon.
Do we have to stay online the whole time of the event?
You can leave your virtual booth whenever you want and add a message that says ” We’ll be onlinehere at 5pm Dubai Time” for example so people who want to chat with you know what time to come back and by that you won’t lose the footfall.
How many investors meetings and mentorship sessions can each startup get?
Each startup will be able to sign up for 2 sessions. Sign ups will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.